Moments From Robin Williams’ Life That Hinted At The Kind Of Man He Was

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The accolades for Robin Williams are (deservedly) pouring in. We thought we’d do our bit by bringing you some of the lesser known facts about his life.

His Brilliance Cost Aladdin An Academy Award Nomination


He improvised so much that there was 16 hours of material for the filmmakers to use. His ad-libbing also meant that it was determined the film could not be nominated for best adapted screenplay at the Oscars.

Steven Spielberg Called Him Up To Console His Cast While He Was Making Schindler’s List


He Was The First Person To Make Christopher Reeve Laugh After His Accident


He dressed up as a Russian doctor and said that he was about to conduct a rectal exam. Reeve credits this as the moment where he realized that things were “going to be okay“.

He Was Voted “Least Likely To Succeed” In School

_1380134099[1]He was also voted most humuorous.

He Named Two Of His Children After Video Game Characters

He named his first daughter Zelda, after the character in the Legend of Zelda video game series. They even got together to do an ad for a 2011 installment of the game. He named his second son Cody after a character from Final Fight.

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