9 Things Not All Fans Knew About Batman Begins

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Batman Begins defined for many what a superhero film could be. Here are 9 small details that audiences missed in this masterpiece.

1) At The End The Joker Card Is Recorded By Officer J. Kerr – An Alias Used By The Joker


2) Bruce Wayne Shows Up In A Lamborghini Murciélago. Murciélago Is Spanish For Bat


3) Hans Zimmer And James Newton Howard, Composers Of The Soundtrack, Split Responsibilities So That One Composed The Theme For Bruce Wayne, While The Other Did For Batman

Birth of Batman

4) The Opera That The Waynes Go To Is The Story Of Batman Begins

Batman Begins Opera

The opera is called Mefistofele and it is the story of the devil (Ra’s) trying to corrupt Faust (Bruce Wayne) by helping him to fulfill his wishes (the pursuit of justice). Ultimately Faust realizes that the devil can’t get him what he wants and turns to God (…Batman?)

5) Each Of The Songs On The Soundtrack Are Named After A Species Of Bat

Batman OST

Also, the first letters of the songs spell out “BATMAN”.

6) A Clue To Ra’s’ Real Identity Is That Liam Neeson’s Mustache Is In The Same Style As The Comic Figures’ Beard

Ras Al Ghul Facial Hair

7) The Theme That Is Playing When Bruce’s Parents Are Killed Is The Sound Of A Child’s Voice Frozen. It Symbolizes Bruce Becoming Frozen In This Moment Of Time


8) The Branding Iron In Begins Is Later The Mark Shown On Talia In Rises



9) There Are Batman Shaped Figures On Young Bruce Wayne’s Sweater


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    Dude,you’re good.

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    Las películas de Batman han sido magnificas, sin embargo creo que Batman Inicia ha sido mi preferida.

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