10 Things About The Making Of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

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1) R2-D2 Was Originally Meant To Be Able To Speak And Had A Fondness For Foul Language

R2-D2 Reactions

They ultimately replaced his voice with the signature beeps. Some of C3PO’s reactions, however, are still those from when R2 spoke.

2) The Rebel Blockade Runner With Leia At The Beginning Of The Film Was Originally Meant To Be The Millennium Falcon

Tantive IV

3) The Bantha Attacking Luke Is An Elephant With Fake Fur And Horns


4) Evidence Suggests That Chewbacca Was Inspired By George R.R. Martin

George RR Martin_Chewbacca

George R. R. Martin’s creatures on the left. Concept art for Chewbacca on the right

A 1975 illustration for a short story by the author that would go on to write the books that Game of Thrones is based on, was used as a basis for Chewbacca’s final appearance. Read more about this here.

5) Tatooine Isn’t Named In The Movie

We don’t hear the name of Luke’s home planet until Empire Strikes Back.

6) Princess Leia And Obi-Wan Never Meet

Obi Wan - Leia

7) Studio Executives Were Not Pleased That Chewbacca Was Naked


They wanted him to wear shorts.

8) Mark Hamill Broke A Blood Vessel In His Face While Filming The Trash Compactor Scene

Death Star Trash Compactor

That’s why after a while we only see shots of one side of his face in that scene.

9) The Skeleton Of The Fictional Creature That C3PO Passes Was Left In The Tunisian Desert

Greater Krayt Dragon

During the filming of 2002′s Attack of the Clones, the filmmakers returned to find it still there.

10) The Millennium Falcon Was Meant To Arrive At Cloud City

Cloud City

The Obi-Wan – Darth Vader fight was meant to take place on cloud city, but budget cuts forced George Lucas to move the action to the Death Star sooner than he planned. Cloud City and a Darth Vader confrontation would ultimately make an appearance in the sequel.

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