7 Instances Of Foreshadowing In House of Cards

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House of Cards is the first original online-only web television series to receive major Emmy nominations. Having re-watched it obsessively, here are 7 moments of foreshadowing that stand out.

1) Frank Is Making Plans To Murder Zoe While In Bed
FU Subway

That’s a map of the DC subway system on his screen and on the printed page he’s looking at, in the episode he gets Zoe. He tells Claire that he is “fully prepared” and that he has “been for some time”.

2) Frank Shows Us Exactly What He Means To Do To The President In The Second Episode Of Season 1

FU Presidential Intentions

3) There Are Subtle Hints About Zoe’s Death

Zoe Missed Train

He tells Zoe that she shouldn’t “miss [her] train”.

Use People_Remy

Frank tells Remy that he doesn’t “use people unless [he] can throw them away afterwards”.

4) And There Is At Least One For Doug

Doug n Brick S1

That’s Doug getting hit on the head with a (foam) brick in the first season.

5) Lucas’ Fate Explains A Scene In Season 1

Lucas' Fate

In what was one of the most inexplicable moments of season 1, Frank is leaving when he finds a seemingly mentally disturbed individual outside. It’s unclear why the scene is there, although the man does look sort of like the actor who plays Lucas Goodwin.

In retrospect there are parallels between the man outdoors and Lucas. Lucas’ quest to prove that Frank is a killer seems to lead him to a similar fate . What Frank tells the man on the street thus takes on new meaning: “Nobody can hear you. Nobody cares about you. Nothing will come of this”.

6) When Hammerschmidt Confronts Frank About The Murder Of Zoe, Frank Responds “Why Don’t You Ask Me When I Stopped Strangling People’s Pets”

Strangling People's Pets

Frank strangling pets is, of course, how this entire show began.

(Okay, so, that’s not strictly speaking foreshadowing. But…post-foreshadowing?)

7) The Opening Title Is Symbolic Of The Show Arc

HOC Opening2

It’s a mixture of clouds and darkness settling upon DC – just like Underwood’s reign.

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