14 Things We Learnt About Sean Bean From His Reddit AMA

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Sean Bean graced Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” section to answer questions from the unwashed masses. Here are some of the top things we learnt about him.

(Er, spoilers from, like, the first season of Game of Thrones and the first Lord of the Rings movie we guess. Also, probably the books they’re based on. We wouldn’t actually know.)

1) If This Whole Ebola Business Becomes A Thing, Sean Bean Will Probably Approach It With The Right Attitude

Sean Bean Ebola

2) This Is His Favourite Lord Of The Rings Scene:

It’s when Aragon and Boromir discuss where they’re from in Lothl√≥rien.

3) Lord Of The Rings Also Has His Favourite Death Scene

Boromir Death 2

4) And This Seems To Be His Favourite GOT Scene

SB Favourite GOT Scene

(Bean mentions that the scene is with Bran, but unless it was filmed and cut out of the final version of the episode, it actually seems to have been with Cat).

5) Probably The Best Authority On The Subject Thinks Boromir > Ned Stark

Boromir v Ned Stark

He also believes that Robert is more useful in battle than Aragon.

6) If His Character Doesn’t Die He Doesn’t Remember The Role

SB Silent Hill

7) Him And The Rest Of The Cast Kicked Around His Decapitated Head From Game Of Thrones “Like A Football

SB Head

8) Ali Larter Is The Best Smelling Actress He’s Worked With

Bean Larter

She apparently smells “like honey and flowers“.

9) He Has A Pretty…Cavalier Approach To Apologies

SB Apology

Seriously, not only did he call him a traitor, he tried to rob the poor guy. Probably something that deserves more just a delegated apology.

…and what did Jon Snow do to him…?

10) He’d Like To Modify The Famous “One Does Not Simply…” Statement

One Does Not Simply...

When it was pointed out that Frodo and Sam pretty much did just walk into Mordor he noted “It’s ’cause they’re so small“.

11) Mr. Bean Should Be Afraid

Mr. BeanHell, anybody with the last name Bean should probably be concerned.

12) Him And Nicolas Cage Had A Funeral For A Prehistoric Cave Bear Skull

Nicholas Cage Bear Skull

13) He Almost Died…While Filming For A Show Where He Doesn’t Die…

Bean NDE

14) Sean Bean Likes Food

Food 6

Like, Really Likes Food

Food 1

Seriously, The Man Is Obsessed

Food 2

They Should Really Have Had Him Play A Hobbit

Food 3

I’m Not Sure You Understand – We Counted – 17% Of His Responses Related To, Or Mentioned Food In Some Way Or Another

Food 4

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