13 Details You Probably Missed In Sherlock

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BBC1′s Sherlock is considered by many to be the finest representations of Sherlock Holmes on the small screen. Here are 13 spoilerific details that those watching the show may have missed.

1) Watson Signals “SOS” In Morse Code With His Eyes When Moriarty Has Him


Three short blinks, followed by three long blinks, and then three short blinks is the international distress signal. Soldiers such as Watson will use it when they’re held captive and are unable to speak.

2) There’s Subtle Brilliance In The Rupert Murdoch Allusions

Magnussen Murdoch

In His Last Vow Janine tells Sherlock that she sold their story to tabloids that belong to Charles Magnussen’s competitors. All of the tabloids shown belong to Rupert Murdoch‘s competitors. Murdoch is widely believed to be the inspiration for the Magnussen character.

3) Sherlock Implies He Won Leinster Gardens From The Queen Mother

Leinster Gardens Queen Mother

Sherlock tells Mary that he won the empty houses of Leinster Gardens from the “Clarence House Cannibal” in a card game. Clarence House was the official residence of the mother of the current Queen of England. She passed away in 2002 and was a noted gambler.

4) The Show Takes Place In The Same Universe As James Bond

Blunt Instrument

Mycroft says “as my colleague is fond of remarking, this country sometimes needs a blunt instrument.” The colleague, in this case, would be M from James Bond who refers to 007 as a “blunt instrument”.

5) Sherlock’s “Death” Is Foreshadowed In The First Episode Of Season One

Sherlock Death Foreshadowing

When Watson first starts working with Sherlock Holmes and meets with Scotland Yard’s Sergeant Donovan she tells him that “One day we’ll be standing around a body and Sherlock Holmes will be the one who put it there”.

Later on in the same episode when Sherlock meets with the cab-driver killer, the murderer tells him that he is going to talk to him and then Sherlock is “going to kill [himself]“.

6) There’s Some Foreshadowing About Mary’s True Character As Well

Mary Devil Horns

7) Sherlock Is Trying Desperately To Get Watson To Like Him When He First Meets Him


During a seven minute Christmas special mini-episode Sherlock says “what should I do? Smile and wink? I do that sometimes, I have no idea why, people seem to like it.” When Sherlock first meets Watson he smiles and winks before leaving.

8) Magnussen Sends Mary A Threat On Her Wedding Day

Oodles of love CAM

When Sherlock is reading the wedding telegrams he opens one that says “Oodles of love and heaps of good wishes, from CAM – wish your family could have seen this.” “CAM” are Magnussen’s initials and Mary’s face immediately drops once she hears who it’s from.

9) A Newspaper Article On The Show Begins “In A Twist Worthy Of A Conan Doyle Novella…”

Conan Doyle Novella

10) Watson’s Limp Returns Before He Finds Out That Sherlock Is Still Alive

Watson Limp Returns

It’s less pronounced than before but it’s there. It clears up after he sees him alive though.

11) One Of Irene Adler’s Texts To Sherlock Is A Suggestion To Watch BBC1

BBC1 Text

BBC1 is the network that Sherlock airs on.

12) 1895 Is A Reference To A Sonnet By A Notable Sherlockian


The sonnet by Vincent Starrett, a fan of the books, is about “two men of note” in 221B. It ends with the lines:

Here, though the world explode, these two survive,
And it is always eighteen ninety-five

Sherlock thinks to try it as a password after Watson’s blog counter gets stuck on the number.

13) In The Blind Banker, An Episode About Codes, We See The Lost Symbol By Dan Brown – A Book About Codes

Blind Banker Lost Symbol

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    I knew these anyway

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    Yeaaaah sure you did…

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    This is a weak post, delve into the Sherlock fandom to find the real stuff. lol

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    *SPOILER* Yeah, but with number 5, when Donovan says “One day we’ll be standing around a body and Sherlock Holmes will be the one who put it there”, that’s more likely regarding to the third episode in season 3, when Sherlock kills Magnussen, not to his own (faked) death.

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    What about the book Hannibal in THOF, just a moment before Sherlock uses his mind palace? :)

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    Two things: on Johns blog they are talking about watching James Bond films so they cant be in the same universe (how awesome that would have been though…) and there is a way more important detail that everyone missed: SPOILER In S2E3 the grimm fairytales are featured and moriarty wears a fox tie pin. One Grimm fairytale is about a fox who faked his death.

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    What’s all that stuff about Mary? (I mean number 6)

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